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Chiropractic Adjustments

Dr. Jordan Gray believes that every patient is unique in body type, history, and mobility. Listed below are the techniques that he has spent extensive time learning in post graduate study following Chiropractic College, and applying them to patient care in a clinical setting. After a complete evaluation, Dr. Gray customizes a plan designed to restore alignment and improve neurological function, to minimize pain and suffering of the individual.


Pressure and tension on the spine and nervous system, whether from physical, chemical, or emotional stresses, can affect posture and the functioning of the entire body. Dr. Gray determines how stresses have affected specific muscles, bones or nerves, and the surrounding connective tissue while also considering the whole person. Such a holistic approach is rare in modern health-care today, and Dr. Gray is focused on correcting and preventing the underlying cause of pain versus mask the symptom with drugs.


One area of particular importance is the atlas, the first cervical vertebra of the spine, through which every nerve from the brain controlling the body passes through first. Dr. Gray uses an integrative approach to reduce and correct alignment issues with the atlas and cranium which includes careful consideration of the base of the spine and pelvic and sacral alignment and stability. This integrated approach relaxes the individual and helps balance the autonomic nervous system, which can in turn improve restorative function through enhanced parasympathetic (rest and digest) functioning, and heal trauma.


Other modalities listed have been proven to be therapeutic for injury repair, whether sports or functional related.




Diversified Method

Toggle Recoil Atlas Adjustment

Cranial Sacral Integration

Thompson Drop Technique


Extremity Adjusting

Trigger Point Therapy

Muscle work

Activator Instrument Adjusting

Physiological Therapies

Intersegmental Traction/Roller Table  -  Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Kinesiology Taping  -  Functional Movement Analysis  -  Exercise

Class IV Laser Therapy

Radial Pressure Wave

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